Exterior Services

Exterior painting is all about the preservation of your homes exterior surface.
Color is secondary but should harmonize with the homes surroundings and composition.
A properly protected surface will minimize those annual maintenance and repair expenses and will help maintain your homes value.


1. We pressure wash every exterior prior to painting.
2. Next, we inspect the surface for peeling paint, minor repairs and broken caulking.
3. Scrape peeling paint and re-caulk all broken caulking.
4. Then paint your exterior with a Premium Grade, Acrylic Latex coating allowing ample drying time in between coats as per the manufactures instructions.

Designer’s tip #1 –

Choose a color that will go with your brick, (if you have it) and with the color of your shingles.
If you have siding, …scan the neighborhood for competing colors but don’t forget about your shingles.