Interior Services

Interior painting, unlike exterior painting, is purely aesthetic.
Bold colors and colored accent walls will give any space that “wow” factor.
Warm and soft colors will tend to focus your eye on the homes furnishings.
Whichever choice you make, the job should be done right.


1. Clean all surfaces prior to painting.
2. Re-caulk baseboards and door casings where needed.
3. Remove any picture hangers, if requested, and fill nail holes.
4. Inspect areas to be painted for nail-pops and repair.
5. Inspect areas to be painted for hairline cracks and fill.

6. Mask and cover all areas.

7. Paint!

Realtor’s tip #1 -

If you’re planning to sell, go neutral to attract the majority of potential buyers that enter your home.
Custom colors will only appeal to a narrow range of buyers and will open you up for a painting allowance when the negotiations begin.