Thinking about taking the low bid?

Since there are virtually NO pricing standards within our industry, it is really hard to judge whether or not you are getting a fair price from a painting contractor.
Price per square foot varies, exterior services vary, interior services vary, etc…
It seems that the more contractors you call, the more and varied prices you will receive.
Rarely, if ever, will any proposal match!


Here are some suggestions -
Door #1.   Contact the BBB online and do a search on the contractor who gave you the proposal.
Door #2.   Talk to a friend and get the name of someone they used and were happy with.
Door #3.   Go with your “Gut.”
Be careful with Door #3?
Let’s just say it’s a coin toss.
While first impressions certainly account for something, they are not infallible.
Many a homeowner have learned this lesson the hard way.
As I notice some of these “lessons” in the neighborhoods where I work, (usually they can be seen from the street), I will post pictures of them here in a gallery of some sort as soon as I can figure out how to do it.
Is this some kind of scare tactic?
You betcha!